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Management and Optimization of Google AdWords campaign

Management and Optimization of Google AdWords campaign

The benefits of hiring professionals to manage your PPC campaigns are huge. Here's what our services consist of conducting an effective Google AdWords marketing:

  1. Careful study and selecting key words and phrases - You do not just sell "roses". You deal with delivery of a bouquet of red roses "of a selected address. Perceive the difference? It is important to understand the mindset and aspirations of asylum, to aim at specific key phrases rather than general concepts. We'll create your AdWords lists that can contain over 20 000 keywords and phrases in all their possible variations!

  2. Ingenuity in creating the ad text and variations - we will clearly formulate your advertising message to potential customers. Your product or service will be described very accurately in the PPC ads to attract clicks only by appropriate users. Sometimes even mention the price prevents clicks from visitors who seek cheaper services. Our creative approach in creating headlines and calls to action will increase clicks on your ad.

  3. Optimizing the structure of the campaign - proper structuring of information in your Google AdWords account depends on the type business and the purpose of your advertising. The way in which arranged individual campaigns, ad groups and keywords within them directly affects your total rahodi and directly determines your overall success. Contact us now for a free assessment of the current structure of your AdWords account!

  4. Optimize landing page - we create new or optimize several existing pages on your site to turn them into targets. Thus, with multiple instruments will test the success of different options until we find the optimal results. Landing pages that we create on your overall measure will improve your Google AdWords campaigns, because it will "capture" visitors.

  5. Refining your keywords and ad text - it is possible to have results that are better even than optimal. You just have to find them by doing timely analysis, make changes in real time and then measure the success of Pay-Per-Click campaign. We do not refuse to experiment until we find the maximum return and reach all set marketing goals!

  6. Daily monitoring of PPC campaign - managing your Google AdWords campaigns by professionals will save valuable time that you could invest in developing other aspects of your business. We will control all the settings in your AdWords account for you.

  7. Tracking conversions from users - when you identify key words and phrases actually convert your visitors into customers, we will focus on them in order to maximize the return on your investment. Reviewing your total number of conversions and their value will help us make the right decisions in the process of managing your advertising budget.

  8. Monthly written report - at the end of each month you will receive a detailed report on the progress of your campaign. The report will contain all committed changes in period, running costs for individual keywords, recommendations for revision of budgets, trends and more. Once you send this report, we will hold a conference call to discuss the previous month and nacheraem next steps.

  9. Properly shaped tax invoices - for each payment you make to Google and to us as a media agency, you will receive a detailed tax invoice, shaped according to the Bulgarian tax legislation.

  10. Security and confidence - you will entrust your PPC campaigns in the hands of professionals. We will turn in your true ally and we will ensure you never miss news and tips from the world of practice. With our help you will know the secrets and you'll have unlimited know-how!

Try a small budget, see results and progress! Contact us, to send you a proposal to create a successful PPC campaign. Get started now with Google AdWords!

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