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E-commerce and excellent customer relationships

Electronic commerce is not limited only to creating and maintaining an attractive online shop that represents your product catalog or your services to potential clients on the Internet. Through electronic commerce, you sell products and services with direct online payments, ie have our own secure payment system or use for your business some of the popular e-wallets such as PayPal.com, MoneyBookers.com, ePay.bg etc..

Advanced e-commerce

Advance e-commerce

Over the years, Internet users have developed e-commerce with one another, each already sell or buy anything online - most easily through auction sites like eBay.com or hot stores like Amazon.com. The object of sale need not be a virtual service like web hosting. You can bid and goods delivery, payment by your customers through convenient home page on your site, called shopping carts. These pages are part of the web interface on user accounts and dotyah be reached by SSL security certificate.

If you said here sounds familiar, it already have the need to integrate your online payment in ready CRM system with which to manage relationships with customers to keep business communication and to provide quality and timely after-sales services.

Manage customer relationship

We Publicity can offer constructive solutions for e-commerce, starting with:

  • installing and configuring the product catalog to your site;
  • selection of payment systems and programming queries to the database;
  • launch of web applications to send and receive messages from clients;
  • adapting existing internal control systems and monitoring of communication;
  • creating innovative channels of communication and excellent customer relationships.
  • optimization of all technical and business processes online trading;

Describe us in brief business and we offer several free ideas what you could improve in your e-commerce, so sales revenue to increase sustainable future!

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