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Analysis and consultation

Analysis and consultation on Internet Marketing

We Publicity we have prepared a variety of consulting services with the desire to help in the analysis of all aspects of Internet marketing - from functionality and usability of your website to the conduct of effective marketing in social media and Internet search engines. Whether you already have a popular site or you are at the outset, we will advise you how to proceed and how to succeed online.

The first steps begin with a survey of all enterprises that are relevant to your business. Once you understand why and how your competitors have failed, we embrace the size of the potential market for your product or service. Even if you do not sell online customer, You need good ideas and plans to communicate its brand on the Internet and how to engage consumers. We believe that will help you progress with an array of clever techniques!

Business plan "Internet marketing"

Internet marketing plan is for all entrepreneurs who wish to improve awareness of the brand, to generate revenue from your website and develop its ability to retain customers. The plan will assist all of you who are trying to determine the potential ROI of new business model or Internet marketing campaign.

In our marketing plan we describe a broad view all your business activities, goals and aspirations, we find possible niches and make a comprehensive assessment of potential revenue. The plan provides for a variety of strategies to improve the usability of the site, quality of content and channels of distribution, marketing, Internet search engines, email marketing, online media planning and other techniques.

Plan "Search marketing"

Our specialized plans (search marketing) intended to start businesses and companies with existing websites that are aimed primarily at the use of Pay-Per-Click / PPC advertising on Internet search engines to improve and maintain awareness, delivery of targeted traffic and optimize costs.

Plan "Social Media Marketing"

Modern trends in the use of social media, they become a major channel for sales promotion and communication with consumers through stable links between them. Our plan (social media marketing) is meant for those of you wishing to take advantage of proven strategies for managing social networks.

Techniques for functionality and usability

Many companies have built extensive Web sites and investing heavily in Internet marketing without so far have managed to achieve significant results. We will analyze the current Web site will identify potential problems and help you with professional advice on how to improve your overall vision, functionality and usability of site so as to convert more visitors into customers.

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