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CPC or CPM - which to choose

In the world of Internet advertising will often encounter the terms CPC and CPM. What exactly mean and what exactly is the difference between them? In short, these are two different pricing models. CPC (Cost per click) is used to refer to the price an advertiser pays for a single click on his ads form. CPM (Cost per thousand) is the price an advertiser pays for 1000 impressions of its advertising and is used primarily for display graphics and banners with animation. Google AdWords works with both pricing model, so each advertiser alone should determine who is more suited to his needs.

Google Search and CPC

If you select your ad to appear on Google Search when searching on certain keywords you have, it will pay only when users click on your ad, ie a CPC basis. Thus, your ad will be extremely cost effective because you will not pay per view, but only after clicking.

Google Search and CPC

Google Content Network and CPC or CPM

Ако Pay-Per-Click advertisement You will appear on other sites that are part of the peer network called Google Content Network, you can choose to pay for a single click or number of views, called impressions. These choices must be justified by your goals. If you have a limited budget, it would better to pay only after clicking. If time goals to build image and presence on the Internet using a banner with animations such as, the CPM model will be used to describe your costs. As banners are larger than text items in Google Search, you will also have more advertising space in which to present comprehensive information.

Google Content Network and CPC or CPM

Let us advise you!

Depending on the size of your advertising budget and put marketing purposes, we will advise you which pricing model to select. Note that if you want to attend at a certain Internet sites or groups of sites, it will almost always pay per views, respectively, in CPM.

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