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You already have our own page and group, which represent business and post news and events, engage users and flirt with potential customers. Wondering what the next step to deepen penetration in social media?

Social applications with

Social applications with

Truly interesting is that unless the resources of social media itself, users can use additional applications developed by third parties and companies. These applications run on the platform itself, having access to data for users on , such as names, friends, birthday, residence, interests, etc. As you can imagine, this is an extremely useful and invaluable marketing information which will allow you to target the correct focus groups, communicate your social brand to increase brand recognition and learn the vital feedback from customers.

Getting started!

What do you need to start it? Of course, your own application created in your image! Whether that is a funny game, including your products, or an interactive calendar that displays events organized by your company? Creative ideas that can offer you thousands, but The benefits of application for your business - invaluable!

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