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Pay-Per-Click advertising ETARGET.bg

ETARGET is an international advertising platform, offering advertisers the Central and Eastern Europe to promote their business through the use of advertising such as "pay per click. ETARGET advertising network consists of some portals and sites in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Croatia and Serbia. In Bulgaria ETARGET network covers over 258 sites, including Actualno.com, Aha.bg, Album.bg, Automedia.bg, Club.bg, Darikfinance.bg, Dariknews.bg, Dnes.bg, Elmaz.com, Expert.bg , Gol.bg, Ibox.bg, Mail.bg, Money.bg, News.bg etc..

Advertisement in ETARGET.bg

Inexpensive, and targeted online advertising in popular media

ETARGET offers targeted advertising with guaranteed results. This means that you set yourself who should be shown in your ad by using keywords that describe your products or services. You pay only for clicks on ads, ie can take advantage of free display until someone clicks and visits your website. So you can ensure your presence and awareness in the popular Bulgarian online media, without using much more expensive banner advertising in them.

We from Publicity are ready to help you with:

  • consulting and training in all aspects of Pay-Per-Click advertising;
  • analyzing online marketing campaigns and competitors;
  • creating an effective ad campaign ETARGET.bg
  • selecting keywords and cost per click for each;
  • targeting consumers by category websites;
  • dentify ways to measure performance;
  • daily management and optimization of advertising campaign;
  • detailed report and analysis of results after the campaign.

Write to us, to send you additional information and guidance on how to join ETARGET!

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