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Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo! is the second most popular search engine information on the Internet. Over 53 million people use daily Yahoo! 2.8 billion as the average number of searches per month. Given the many potential recipients of the ads, Yahoo! platform offers a suite of search marketing, called Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Advertising in Yahoo!

You can advertise your business in search results Yahoo! and other popular sites from their network as Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! News. Present your products or services to potential customers at the precise moment when they are already looking for them. Even if you have a limited budget, you should take advantage of this cost-effective channel which will increase the scope of your business and sales respectively.

Yahoo! and forward marketing in search engines

We Publicity will help you start your ad campaigns in Yahoo! We will determine the set of keywords and phrases, which bet and put a maximum price (CPC) on each of them. Then we will direct your ads contextually and demographically. Our services include:

  • Targeting consumers by geographical region, language and country;
  • selecting key words and phrases that are closely related to your business;
  • determining the daily spending limit and the maximum cost per click;
  • creating professional ads with attractive titles and descriptions;
  • daily management of your campaigns and optimize costs.

If you want to get more information and to join Yahoo! Search Marketing, please Contact us, to advise you how to get started.

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