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Our approach in creating a Google AdWords campaign

Our approach in creating a Google AdWords campaign

All Pay-Per-Click campaign in Google AdWords account begins with defining the marketing goals of the advertiser. Depending on whether you make image advertising, short-term promotional purposes or simply to attract consumer interest in your site, there are different approaches to creating highly effective campaign. The way how to plan your campaign depends on how long you want to attract traffic from visitors. It is important to set a daily budget with which to buy clicks from your target audience.

Let us turn quality traffic into conversions!

The effectiveness of the campaign will be measured by comparing the spending of your money borrowed by the number of users. We will help you clearly define your goals and determine the desired actions from your users, which we call conversions, as the registration of an account, sign up for e-mail newsletter, download a product catalog and more. We believe that success lies not just in increased quality traffic, but in its proper use, once you've attracted.

Let's create a strong and compelling advertisements!

After Selection of keywords is very important to clarify what exactly you want to tell your visitors. Ads in popular Internet search engines are often built first impression on potential customers for your product or service. These ads give you the opportunity to attract motivated visitors to filter unwanted traffic. Real challenge is to express your advertisement using 70 characters and even less!

Increase visits to your
site of the right audience!
View your ad on Google. Try creating your ad by being creative and descriptive!

Let us optimize and manage your AdWords campaign!

The correct approach requires us to Optimizing the structure of the campaign, create as many attractive advertisement blocks and arrange them in groups. In the course of your campaign will determine those which attract a maximum number of clicks. It is specifically targeting the campaign for hours and days of week, and particularly, affiliate sites that choose to display ad units from Google.

In the process of Manage AdWords campaign we will perform constant observation and analysis, daily testing and fine tuning to find the formula to your success!

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