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Microsoft adCenter Marketing

Microsoft, like other most used Internet search engine Google and Yahoo!, offers advertisers worldwide platform for serving ads on the type of "pay per click" in the global network Microsoft Network (MSN). The platform called Microsoft adCenter and allows you to reach in Bing.com to over 43 million potential customers, mainly U.S. and Canada.

Online Marketing with Microsoft adCenter

Like Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter uses the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click (CPC) on your ad form to determine how often your ad appears on search. You alone determine your budget and pay only when clicked, it can target by limiting the evidence in the location, age, sex, and on specific days of the week or times of day. With useful tools for analysis you will receive reports in real time with precise metrics and results.

Another channel for marketing a broad search on the Internet

Microsoft adCenter Add to your integrated online communications! We Publicity will approach an individual and purposefully towards your business goals by advising you how to:

  • Choose the right keywords and phrases;
  • determine the appropriate advertising budget and price per click;
  • create compelling ads and marketing messages;
  • optimize your campaigns and the final return of them.

Be one of the many Bulgarians who advertise with Microsoft adCenter. Get interested today!

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