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We envision a world where no boundaries for communication exist. In this ideal world people have many choices in life because they are fully aware of everything around them. They can make correct and effective decisions at work and improve their personal skills, thus constantly educating themselves. Publicity embodies our effort to achieve this awareness.

About the company

Publicity is an independent Internet marketing agency founded in 2008. We are fully specialized in online media planning and execution of strategic multi-channel campaigns. Our services include search engine marketing (SEM) with Google, Yahoo! and MSN. We manage and optimize clients' Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and create and maintain their corporate image in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also provide them with professional advices on all aspects of Internet marketing and advertising.

About the team

We are not web designers, nor a group of freelancers or another traditional advertising agency. We are talented professionals with rich experience and comprehensive knowledge which allow us to create, implement and measure the success of your Internet communication strategies. For us every customer is a new challenge and each new campaign should be a masterpiece.

Our mission combines the effort to offer innovative services in the field of Internet marketing and our desire to improve the culture of people in Bulgaria. We are aimed at creating quality products, valued both by our customers and the society. We apply a business model whereby we understand the needs of our clients, provide them with flexible services and attend them quickly and efficiently. We measure the success by the degree of customer satisfaction and the benefits for the public. We will always preserve the youthful spirit of our company.

About Publicity

Our team consists of experienced people who have long examined the nature of the Internet and now follow all the trends of its benefitial use. We have developed our own strategy, which relies not only on the quality of our products but also on the prompt and timely customer support. That is not an easy task which we have turned into our priority.

We definitely know how to help your business build and sustain a profitable venture on the Internet. The attractive web design is no longer sufficient, now the main question should concern your plans for the future. Therefore, leaving you business in the hands of professionals is always a guarantee for success!

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