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Audits and reports to increase efficiency

For some companies, the management of their Internet marketing initiatives is an internal corporate priority and they do not want to entrust their works to other professionals. If you simply want to find out if your Pay-Per-Click / PPC advertising work effectively or to check whether your criteria for measuring results are reasonable and are properly selected metrics, let's do an audit of current situation and advise you.

Audit website and reports to increase efficiency

Comprehensive audit

Is it a matter of key words and phrases which zagalate Internet search engines or the manner in which campaigns and determine the positioning and strategies for targeting? Wondering how you spent their money and if properly analyze the data from your campaigns? If you are not confident in the answers to these questions can benefit from our expertise. We will understand the details of your campaigns and marketing costs and will conduct a professional audit, to describe the current results.

The audit, which do include a comprehensive assessment not only of your online campaigns, but also the business goals you have set and how they pursued. Guess we want to analyze all the way that visitors have to travel long become your actual customers. functionality and usability, structure and navigation are examples of aspects of the analysis of your site. Using Google Analytics We carry out monitoring of all processes - from the purely technical to the purely financial. The prize for self-awareness you will be!

Detailed and summary reports

With our reports you yourself will choose the best solutions for improving your website, thus increasing its popularity on the Internet by attracting new users. When you have arranged information identified trouble spots and appropriate recommendations for streamlining processes, you are much easier to manage and upgrade their businesses.

Following our summary reports you will know how to:

  • present new and compelling information on your site;
  • more effectively manage its costs of Internet marketing;
  • encourage more visitors to make purchases or other desired action;
  • improve quality and increase customer satisfaction;
  • know better competitors and growth opportunities in the industry;
  • plan to grow the business with already optimized budget.

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