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Google Maps module

Google Maps модул

Google Maps module is a web-based system with map data which contains satellite, political and physical maps of all countries in the world, including Bulgaria. The technology was developed by Google and allows integration of maps in their own Internet sites using Google Maps API (application programming interface) - application programming interface source code through which requests from entering the module.

How does Google Maps module look like?

From a consumer perspective Google Maps module is a kind of map, located on your website, where you can observe many objects, concrete buildings and streets and other routes. Besides marking the card itself visitors can view more information at a given location such as images, text descriptions, addresses, business correspondence and more. The card is extremely convenient and easy to navigate using only the mouse, whereas the ability to search and pan.

Google Maps модул на Публисити

What are the benefits for business?

The business benefits of deployment and use of this module are a wonderful display of geographic features on a map, such as addresses of the registered office, pictures of commercial and residential buildings with their exact location, etc. By using administrative interface of Google Maps module can provide additional information about the targeted location, such as promotional offers and prices, reviews of happy customers, pictures of offices, shops or assembly lines, contact form, reservation or purchase of products.

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