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Keyword variations

Keyword variations

Once you have carefully chosen keywords and phrases that trigger your ads in Google AdWords, you must determine which of their variations are the most appropriate and would lead to more sales. So will ensure accurate targeting of consumers and inefficient off views of your ads.

Keyword density

Гъстота на ключови думи

The total number of repetitions of a keyword or phrase indicates its density in the selected text. This density is a major factor for determining the relevance of the keyword to all content and context. If you want to optimize your page on your site for a particular keyword, this tool will guide you.

Negative keywords

Negative keywords

Negative keywords prevent your ads on search, which does not describe your products or services. When you use negative keywords, you will filter out unwanted traffic and increase the success of your ads. With this tool you can easily create a negative variation of thousands of keywords.

Counter words

Counter words

Do you want to analyze the content of your pages, count the words in it? Such statistics would help you decide how fascinating it is. Counter words will give you a clear idea of the amount of information located on a page. Save valuable time and go now!

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking

Allow your visitors can quickly and easily share with each other what we like your site. With just one click they will distribute your photos, articles, videos across all popular Bulgarian and foreign social networks for information sharing, including Svejo.net, Pipe.bg, Facebook.com and others.

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