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Google AdWords marketing

You've already learned the benefits of the importance of your business and products can be detected by potential customers looking for information in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others. on certain keywords.

Pay-Per-Click advertising on Internet search engines

We have all witnessed the rapid development of Internet and the constant emergence of new opportunities to reach the exact targeted audience. International practices and statistics show that search engines are leaders in the maintenance of over 85% of traffic in search of information on the Internet as a major mediator between an organization and its prospects. Therefore, investment in paid advertisements in search engines, so called. Pay-Per-Click / Pay per click advertising is a must, and ensure good returns. But the fact is that what works for one business model may not work for another. So critical is a thorough examination of the particular market and its representation on the Internet before taking any action.

Pay-Per-Click andvertisement in Google is called Google AdWords and is a paid advertising blocks that appear relevant in consumer demand over or right of the subsequent results. These blocks also appear in other Internet sites that are part of a larger global network, called Google Content Network, including thousands of Bulgarian Web sites.

Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click

You have freedom to set a maximum daily budget and pay the price of each click on your ad block. Price for a single click (Cost per click) is based on the maximum you're willing to give the average market obtained through competitive bidding with other advertisers in the same field of action, ie kind of auction.

How are we going to help you

  • By skillfully created Google AdWords campaigns, we of Publisiti know how to attract huge traffic to your site many times and to control this quality traffic through careful selection of keywords, which you bet and are simultaneously competing with other advertisers. You pay only when clicked, which makes such advertising is extremely cost effective!
  • С With the right approach we will also target very precisely your desired recipients, as well as country, city, region, accurate coordinates and a selected language and content sites they visit.

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