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Courses and presentations on Internet Marketing

The most valuable quality of Publicity is that we are absolutely open to share experience, knowledge and techniques. We offer specialized courses and presentations covering all aspects of Internet marketing. Besides the considerable theoretical knowledge, you will receive, we will show you practically how things happen. Depending on the needs of your business, we prepare individual programs with selected presentations. If you want to train 3 or more of your employees, we will make a bid for well deserved discount.

Courses and presentations for online marketing of Publicity

Training for professionals in online advertising

All our courses are held in convenient time, usually at night in your office, but sometimes on weekends. We guarantee quality education which will be of tremendous benefit. At the end of presentations, conduct mandatory tests, which check whether we have done a good job as lecturers and we have increased your qualifications. All who pass the test, can boast a valuable certificate, issued by Publicity.

After courses and presentations we, you yourself will be able to:

  • create, plan and manage advertising campaigns on the Internet;
  • optimize costs and improve usability of your website;
  • analyze data reporting tools of user traffic;
  • develop visibility and credibility in social media and communities of users;
  • earn more than the efforts and resources to invest in online marketing.

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