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Httpool is a popular advertising network that reaches more than 70 million consumers in Central and Eastern Europe and focuses on emerging markets like Bulgaria. Httpool contains more than 3000 sites that generate over 1 billion impressions a month. Some of the most popular websites in this global network are Facebook.com, Myspace.com, Yahoo.com and others. As an advertiser, you yourself can determine the most appropriate pricing model for you - cost per 1000 ad views (CPM) or cost per click on it (CPC). Again, the selection of the right ad networks and groups of sites is the determining factor for the ultimate effectiveness of the campaign.

Реклама в Httpool

Ad networks Httpool

Httpool is divided into four types of networks of Web sites that are targeted to different customers and geographical regions. Pricing model and how cleverly targeting specific to each network. Here are their brief characteristics:

  1. Premium - includes most visited websites in Bulgaria and is suitable for your image kind of campaigns with great coverage. You can secure your presence in the Bulgarian quality sites, but for a fair price.

  2. Contextual - work with your chosen keywords by which to accurately reach the desired audience in specialized and niche websites, as contextually target your customers, ie the content of these sites.

  3. Performance - using the price per click (CPC) as a pricing model and serve your banner and text ads that appear on some online media, but normally located at the bottom of the site. This network of Httpool is suitable for companies and organizations who are looking for quick and targeted traffic and rely on the direct response from consumers.

  4. Global - for you when you wish to conquer new markets worldwide and reach international customers. This network includes the highly popular sites like Yahoo!, MySpace, Hi5, Facebook, MTV and many others.

Let us from Publicity to choose the appropriate networks and to manage your online campaigns Httpool! Ready to begin?

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