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Optimizing the structure of the campaign

Through clever and well planned marketing in Google search advertisers reach potential customers already interested in their product or service. Too often inefficient and expensive ads are the result of poorly organized campaigns. As a client of Publicity you will benefit from proven strategies for properly structuring campaigns with Google AdWords. Reduce costs and enhance success!

How does Google AdWords function?

The AdWords system looks at the entire list of keywords contained in each ad group to determine if your ad is relevant to a particular site with similar content. Therefore, each ad group should be bound to a particular topic or product and is targeted to selected users. If your keyword lists relate to a wide range of products, the system may fail to target your advertising. It is wrong to attract visitors to the same target (landing) page, irrespective of the exact keyword is used to find your search.

One of the basic tools of Google AdWords is pricing according to quality, ie You pay less Price for a single click (CPC) for more relevant ads and a higher price for less relevant ads. As you probably guess that the effectiveness and your costs is essential for the detailed and proper structuring of all the information for your campaign. If you sell cars, do not put all trademarks as keywords in one ad group and create tightly themed ad groups for each model. So your ad will be izlyuchitelno appropriate targeted and relevant to the search pattern. If you sell sports equipment, you can create a separate ad group for each sport or for different users to whom you want to reach. It must also comply ad text specifically to the theme that you have built your list of keywords.

How to optimize your campaign?

On the basis of optimizing your advertising goals, which will hold may include adding a few new keywords, adjusting the price per click, additional promotional groups, rewriting ads, changing targeting options, adjusting keyword matching types words and change the URL of the landing pages. In general, optimization involves techniques for improving the quality of your keywords, ads and campaigns. Through it you can reduce your cost per click (CPC) for your ad, without losing your position on the page of search results. Remember - the more is kachestvoto fore, the lower the price you pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Optimizing the structure of Google AdWords campaign

We will save all work and effort degradable information in AdWords account to the lowest level and then arrange properly on subjects in accordance with your products, services or other categories. Apply now Free audit of the structure of your existing AdWords account!

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