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E-mail marketing

Sending and receiving e-mail an important part of Internet use. 86% of users of the global network used email regularly so make your email marketing in the main communication channel for communication with real and attract new customers. E-mail marketing is not spam, and targeted communication policy!

Marketing e-mail Publicity

The success of e-mail marketing depends on skillful personalize e-mails, and by adapting to individual customer needs. In addition, the introduction of email as a standard for exchanging information is essential. Collecting e-mail addresses is done using different methods and channels. Determinants of effective e-mail communication are active approval of customers and offering attractive offers from your company. It is important to know that the client expects Individuality and personal approach.

What we offer?

We Publicity planning, research, leverage and manage your e-mail campaigns. The advantages of e-mail marketing are clearly visible in his referral to a strictly defined target group. Modern systems and practices allow mass mailing of a newsletter with minimal cost and high convenience for consumers. In addition to raising awareness of the brand, consumers are motivated to carry out and buy.

By testing and fine tuning we measure the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing in real time. With excellent tracking systems we can observe consumer behavior and make appropriate changes in Communication strategy. We comply with the requirements for e-mail marketing and privacy policy of the European Union.

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