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Tracking consumer behavior

Would not it be nice to see every gesture with the mouse, which your visitors have made ​​the site? Imagine that you know how they interact with it, images which attract them and exactly where the click! Technology now allows us to track their behavior and all their actions and make conclusions on how to strengthen their experience.

Tracking consumer behavior

Recording, reviewing, understanding

Probably one of the most impressive features of tracking the registration of any movement of the user - whether a gesture with the mouse, scrolling the page, enter information in the field - all are recorded and can be viewed as a video. Explore the behavior will help you understand all the features, requirements and desires of its users.

And while Web Analytics provide more statistical interpretation of consumer information, special tracking tools will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of various design elements, hyperlinks and location of areas for advertising or promotion of your site. Ultimately this will improve functionality and usability.

Heatmaps, metrics and segmentation

Using the so-called. maps with hotspots (heatmaps) you may find what part of the chosen site attracts more visitors' attention and causes the greatest percentage of action. Even you can learn how many times they have passed the mouse over the button "Buy"but not clicked. If it takes too much time clicking a link, the visitor is hesitant for some reason and you have another job.

One option is really convenient sorting of collected data and performing segmentation of consumers, for example, can filter out those who have done the most clicks from others who have done most gestures.

We provide graphic and textual analysis of consumer behavior on your site. For example, if you put the site banner, from which they earn good money, this may be due to its location relative to other elements. We can help by experimenting with the position until it found the right place and improve efficiency.

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