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Our approach to thorough and detailed analysis

Over the years, the Internet industry evolved and developed a wide range of products and services for analysis of a website. They all do the same - collect information about your site and provide reports. It turns out that most of the services are similar to your car dashboard. Standard display shows you what the current speed, how many miles you traveled and how much fuel is left. Some services are far more complex and provide data for oil pressure and air in the tires as well as upcoming service needs of the car.

Until yesterday you were wondering which half of the cost of your Internet advertising is wasted because there was no way to tell which approach works best. You needed a depth analysis for tracking, collection, measurement, reporting and comparison of quantitative data that can lead you in decisions and to optimize your website and marketing initiatives.

With the approach of Publicity you will know your visitors will find permanent traffic trends and refine marketing campaigns. Imagine, if you do not have accurate web analytics, how will improve your website and how it will achieve the desired results? We believe that any Internet service must include a process of analysis. Therefore we recommend our services, which allow depth reporting efficiency and thus better manage your projects.

Publicity approach to thorough and detailed analysis

Professional analysis and consultation

Our professional analysis were based on skill summaries and conclusions of the tool Google Analytics. They offer a response to a variety of business issues such as:

  • Which Internet search engines deliver user traffic to your site?
  • Which are the most important keywords and phrases, which you find?
  • What is the return on your ad on search engines?
  • Which marketing campaigns lead to successful conversions?
  • What content from your site visitors like?
  • Who are the visitors that are willing to make a purchase?
  • How can you optimize the process of making a purchase?

Of course, you will know much more things with Google Analytics. We will track the actions and behavior of consumers in order to show you how they interact with your site, which pages are viewed, how long they remained on the site, which steps are taken to effect the desired action. For example, if you put a new product catalog, we will count how many times he was shot down and how people have reached it.

The process of analyzing and optimizing

Priority objective of the Web Analytics is the continuous improvement of results. You must strive to continually improve your site and marketing campaigns so as to find the maximum return. It is important to be able to clearly define its objectives, eg increase sales by 10% in January by reducing the steps in which users must pass, from four to three. The process of analysis should be repeated periodically to reduce "the road to the sale. Here's what the process includes:

  1. Determination of business needs.

  2. Define objectives for consumers.

  3. Choosing quantitative metrics.

  4. Save the original data.

  5. Collect new statistics.

  6. Testing strategies for improvement.

  7. Implementation of proven improvements.

  8. Measurement of the subsequent results.

  9. Start the process over again.

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