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Social media marketing

Like traditional initiatives to promote sales, marketing in social media share the same branding and communication objectives, but differ in their implementation. Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet marketing, held by many varied opportunities for social interaction offered by the Internet, including social networks, communities, blogs, forums, news sites and other emerging forms of online media.

Marketing and advertising in social media

Unlike traditional marketing, that in social media requires a much more sophisticated approach, since any activity on stage, must be accepted by the community and its requirements, desires supporters. An effective social campaign should stimulate interest and participation of your target audience without compromising the established rules of consumer confidence. We from Publicity know well the unique challenges and the nature of SMM. Therefore, developing individual strategies for each client who wants to dive into the world of social communications.

We know that you're using Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, and many Bulgarian equivalents. You do know that your customers are out there and interact. We can intrigue them on your behalf and in your favor!

Plan "Social Media Marketing"

The marketing plan is meant for all individuals and organizations wishing to use social media to promote the brand, building a community of fans and carrying out viral and buzz marketing. The plan describes your goals and objectives, target audience, and outlines strategies for implementation, including selected onalyn media tactics to entry, methods of managing consumer demand and key indicators for measuring success. Your marketing campaign in social media should be an integral part of your overall Internet marketing strategy.

The plan for marketing in social media contains recommendations to help your site content to be more engaging, easier to spread and more convenient for consumers. These guidelines will optimize your images, videos, podcasts, and fly your users through skillful and stylish presentation. We will show you how to add tags, tags, buttons to share on social networks and other features that encourage participation of consumers and motivate them to share their content on your site. The ultimate goal is to create an active social community and its extension at no additional cost.

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