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Communication strategy and e-mail lists

Communication strategy and e-mail lists

We Publicity appreciate your business goals and conduct your email marketing campaign, which is based on a unique communication strategy. It includes creative, targeted communications, visual identity and distinctive plan to attract users.

Communication strategy tailored to your needs, is expressed in the definition of:

  1. Objectives and tasks of e-mail campaign.

  2. Target audience of the campaign.

  3. Content with real value for subscribers.

  4. Unique offer for sale.

  5. Strong calls to action and memorable images.

  6. Strategy to attract new subscribers.

  7. Forms to order for ordering subscriptions.

  8. A projected plan for the growth of subscribers.

  9. Frequency of sending the newsletter.

  10. Tool to track the actions of subscribers.

After you draw the communication strategy, we Preparing an attractive and cleverly structured Design and e-mail newsletter, who will represent your visual identity to consumers.

Create mailing lists of subscribers

The first step in building a list of e-mail addresses is to determine how customers should be attracted each month to meet the campaign objectives and development strategy to attract. It is adding a subscription form on every page of your site through which users receive regular useful content. Other crafty ways include:

  • defining specific websites and directories, email newsletters to third parties, vertical ad networks, social media, search engines, banners, registrations and other mechanisms to reach targeted customers;
  • collecting business cards of contacts from commercial and industry exhibitions and obtaining permission to add them to the list of e-mail correspondents for further updates on products or services.

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