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Planning and consistency in RSS Marketing

Planning and consistency in RSS Marketing

When you start your campaign RSS, we carefully prepare a preliminary plan, which describe the purpose and sequence of actions. Here's a glance at what is planning:

  1. Developing a unified marketing strategy for all RSS feeds - that strategy will provide ways how to use every marketing opportunityRSS marketing and how to integrate it to the rest of your online marketing mix.

  2. Using RSS business intelligence - implementation of business intelligence through other RSS feeds is the first step towards improving your own RSS marketing. We will offer suitable RSS reader such as Google Reader, My Yahoo!, Bloglines, and you subscribe to foreign sources of information, such direct competitors and industry leaders.

  3. Create a comprehensive strategy for the content of outgoing RSS feeds - communication, which will make in their own RSS feeds is the most complicated part of RSS marketing. During this step will define the marketing message to your target audiences and will set concrete targets for each of them. Then we will select a suitable model for the transmission of values ​​themselves.

  4. Internal promotion of RSS feeds - if you just put the emissions of your site, it would not be sufficient to generate new subscribers. Therefore, we will determine the exact locations of the site where a Attractive design encourage consumers to subscribe to RSS feeds. We will help you develop an irresistible offer for subscription!

  5. External promotion of RSS feeds - should encourage foreign Web sites to use your RSS feeds. This process includes optimizing RSS feeds for web search engines. We will provide your emissions of specific search engines and so-called popular. RSS aggregators (unifiers) content.

  6. Performance measurement and Optimization of RSS feeds - These are two aspects of RSS marketing, which may have the greatest impact on overall success. Every day we will count the number of subscribers will track how to subscribe and we will implement new tactics to get them prihvanem.

  7. Enrichment of the site and increase awareness - the final stage requires genuine creativity and creativity. We will try to strengthen consumer experiences with interesting RSS feeds. If you wish to create a branded RSS reader that can provide your users and also to increase awareness of your business as a whole.

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