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Design and graphic models of RSS feeds

We all know that design is an essential part of communicating with consumers and is often an important factor in making decisions. The number of subscribers to an RSS feed is an indicator of popularity and success. Therefore the main goal should be to attract more users using various design techniques. Let us introduce several attractive techniques in the design and layout of the RSS buttons on your site. Furthermore, the design of the RSS feed itself should include a few proven tricks and not precede planning actions.

Design and graphic models of RSS feeds

Stylish and recognizable icons and buttons RSS

Internet is a place for creative experiments. More and more pleasing to the eye while producing variations observed around the site with perfect design. RSS subscription button no longer looks like a standard button. Various visual effects are used perfectly and instantly drew the eyes of visitors. We will find the appropriate place and RSS buttons and icons on your site that will be in line with the existing design will be readily recognizable and extremely compelling.

Stylish and recognizable icons and buttons RSS

Relevant graphical models and optimal positions

The optimum position for the RSS icons is an area that surrounds your logo and is located in the upper part of the site. Of course, the best position depends on the layout, colors and overall design of the site. We will find the optimum position and exact graphical model as run different tests with several variations of images. Then we will continue with more analysis and optimization of RSS feeds.

If RSS feeds are properly declared in the source code, Internet browsers will automatically recognize them and will offer visitors the choice of how to subscribe. So icons are used not only by stimulating direct subscriptions, but also suggesting that a section of content is available via RSS.

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