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Our approach to comprehensive RSS Marketing

RSS is an extremely flexible communication channel which includes the possibility of subscription desired. This fact contributes to the high level of confidence in the disseminated data. We know how to take advantage of consumer confidence and will help you:

  • create a valid XML;
  • promotion of RSS channels;
  • publishing information in foreign networks;
  • advertising in popular foreign channels;
  • generating new content to the RSS feed;
  • analysis and optimization of the issue.

Publicity approach to comprehensive RSS marketing

Start the RSS feed

Before we begin, we will devote sufficient time to carefully Action planning. Once you put the RSS feed, we will advise you how to properly promote it on your site. Our services cover all areas including the creation of emissions generated content for it, developing proposals for design and graphical models, enabling subscription and avoid possible problems with duplicate information.

RSS feed will contain backlinks to your site. We guarantee that the pages with news and other frequently updated information from the site will be skillfully structured to enable visitors to instantly subscribe to relevant RSS feed. Webmasters will also be able to use RSS feeds you, and integrate them to their own sites and thus provide for your site long-term SEO benefits through incoming links.

Promoting RSS feed

Once created, your RSS feed will provide consumers with useful information and also desired. Our next goal will be optimization this issue and attract more traffic to your site. Google believes Web sites highly popular issues are standing in his field and therefore they rank high in search results. I will therefore emphasize the promotion of your feed and include it in multiple RSS networks.

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