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The process of online media planning and buying

The process of online media planning and buying

In Publicity we believe, that optimized workflow is one that is carefully planned and divided into stages. Therefore the process of online media planning and buying includes the following consecutive phases:

  1. Define Goals - first step we take is to understand your business needs and desires of the target audience. It is important to define what it is trying to achieve, so we can put it in the strategic objectives. Whether it's increasing brand recognition, conducting short-term promotion for sales promotion or refreshing database clients - this background information underlying any successful planning.

  2. Create Action Plan - once you define the basic objectives, we can create a unique action plan for your online campaign. The plan will include all the tasks and objectives, and possible ways to implement them.

  3. Developing strategy - based on defined goals and draw a course of action, we will help you in selecting the most appropriate media through which to deliver your marketing message to the right audience at the right time. Of crucial importance will be the readability of the information you provide.

  4. Study of ad networks - we know that there is no general formula for success. What works for one does not guarantee the success of others. Our thorough examination of the ad networks and groups of sites with a demographic breakdown of users will enable them to find the correct recipients for your ad.

  5. Negotiation and implementation - thanks to concessions by our media agency, we will negotiate the best rates for your campaign and will spread your ad budget priorities. Once you organize your campaign at selected sites, we will manage and sat until the very end.

  6. Analysis and improvements - continuous analysis of current performance and tracking performance during your campaign is vital. Thus we find what are the possible improvements. Our timely tips will guide you in choosing the right solutions.

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