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Functionality and usability of website

Before you start your website, want to make sure that it is fully operational and clean as you have planned. If you already have your own website but not sure if its navigation is convenient for visitors and the content is readily available, then check how well you do the job. Analyses of the functionality and usability of your site must precede marketing initiatives. However, why can deliver targeted traffic if visitors do not like what they see?

Functionality and usability of website

Review of the general suitability of the site

Our analysis of functionality of individual elements and overall usability of your site will describe any deficiencies in its structure, code, design, navigation and content that are relevant to overall user experience and direct interaction with them. We will objectively evaluate your website and provide valuable feedback on ten key areas that directly affect the use of the site.

Ten key areas which review and measure are:

  1. Used technologies and techniques.

  2. Logs on the server and other technical information.

  3. Usability, navigation, domestic demand and architecture.

  4. Visual design and graphic elements.

  5. Content of marketing communications.

  6. Commitment and relationship building.

  7. Process of implementation of conversions from consumers.

  8. Reliability, innovation and prestige.

  9. Communications and customer feedback.

  10. Dealing with errors and unexpected situations.

We wish to advise you with actual recommendations for improvement of the web site to ultimately achieve high and sustained return on investment (ROI)!

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