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Plan "Search marketing"

(search marketing) plan is designed for business models and organizations wishing to increase awareness of its brand, optimize its costs and earn higher returns from your online campaigns in the Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others.

The marketing plan includes comprehensive assessment of potential revenue, market size and capabilities of your current site to recruit and retain customers. The plan contains a strategy to conduct effective search marketing and a variety of techniques to help your business goals and aspirations. Besides the actual recommendations improve usability, content and site design, you will find depth analysis of market trends and positioning of selected products and services. Through SWOT analysis will identify your strengths and weaknesses and possible threats of direct competitors or new technologies.

The analysis examines the competitiveness of your three main konkurenta search and evaluates the quality of their products and services, sales and marketing strategies, current position and visibility in search engines.

Marketing strategy search

The strategy includes defining the objectives of the campaign, target users and market segments, advertising budget and metrics reporting. It selects the optimal mix of media search and prepare a specific plan for conducting the campaign. Depending on your goals and budget plan will describe in detail the implementation and evaluation of the following activities:

  • developing creative advertising and special target (landing) pages;
  • improve the site and the process of implementation of conversions;
  • selecting key words and phrases, and grouping them in tematichnost;
  • guidelines to improve visibility in search engines;
  • paid ads on search network for product comparison;
  • methods and approaches to managing the campaign;
  • forecasting the returns on investment.

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