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Optimize landing page

The most effective way to attract more traffic than visits to your site is as cleverly also target Google AdWords campaign. As soon as you create a campaign and run it, will now have new visitors. To be successful your campaign, however, it is very important page that opens after clicking the link at the ad. This is the target (landing) page, which should provide comprehensive information containing the keywords the visitor used in Search Search, not just the home page of your site.

Do not mislead visitors!

Advertisers often overlook the importance of landing page and direct traffic to buy, just as its title page. Thus, without feel they lose future sales because once attracted visitors can find what they searched through the site content.

Before you launch your AdWords campaign will help you in carefully choosing the landing page. When this page is closely related to Keywords or phrases, which consumers are used to search your cost per click will decrease dramatically because the page will be highly relevant to search.

Unique well-optimized landing pages

We create new or optimize several existing pages on your site to turn them into targets. Thus, with multiple instruments will test the success of different options until we find the optimal results.

Unique optimized landing pages

Landing pages that we create on your measure will increase the return on your investment in Internet marketing. They will improve the overall effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns, it will capture consumers and direct them to the desired action, we call conversion. Here are briefly some basic principles in the content of landing pages that prepare customized:

  • Strong consumer call to action phrase - "contact us", "write to us", "sign up now", "Get a free quote" or "Call now" attract consumers' attention. Call to action phrases help visitors get a more accurate picture of your products and services, make them take action.
  • Limited navigation - landing pages should not contain unnecessary or navigation links to other pages that might distract the consumer side direction.
  • Clear and accurate information about a product or service - the description should not be too long and too incomprehensible, as full of technical terminology. If you wish, you can specify prices to filter out the interested customers.
  • Experiences of existing customers - as we know, the recommendation of real customers is always helpful to motivate potential.
  • Pleasing to the eye graphics - it is important not to overuse the color images to not reject users from the content page in the target.

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