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Tracking conversions with Google AdWords

Usually the total number of visitors is an indicator of the success of a site. But how many of those visitors perform your desired action when clicked on your ad? A marketing campaign would be quite useless if it attracts many visitors, but none of them does not become a client. Converting visitors into customers is the essence of Internet marketing and is measured by the so called Tracking conversions.

What is conversion?

Let us define what it means one conversion. In the world of online marketing conversion is desired event which occurs after a certain user behavior. In other words, you convert visitors into new customers by setting up that you consider useful and profitable, such as product purchase, registration of an account, sign up for a newsletter, review of a particular page, etc.

Tracking in Google AdWords

Now you can clearly identify the actions of visitors who are most important for your business! We will deploy a special tool on your site to measure the total number of conversions by each keyword you bid on Google AdWords. When you have accurate data on conversions in your reports, you will make smarter decisions keywords and phrases, in which they invest. It is important to know how well you present each keyword when deciding what price per click to bid. Most advertisers would give a higher price for keywords that have a better realization. Eventually we will establish how effective your AdWords campaigns and what return you get from each keyword.

Example of tracking conversions

Imagine, Ivan manages online business and sell books. He knows how many clicks it receives from the AdWords campaign, but would like to know exactly which keywords lead to sales. By tracking conversions, Bob can obtain this information, taking into account the proceeds of any sale and it compared the cost of the keyword. With conversion statistics, Bob discovers that the key phrase "online books" has a return on investment of 500%. So he Optimize advertisement campaign increasing costs for that particular keyword phrase. So he will spend their money proved more efficient - for clicks that will most likely become more conversions. Start today and you to report and track your conversions with Google AdWords!

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