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Facebook group for feedback from customers

We create a Facebook group for your business, to encourage users to share their interest and experience of using your products or services. All group members can actively participate by contributing content that is visible to others - photos, videos, discussion topics and others. The aim is to explore public opinion and attitudes of people to understand how you know and how you assess. Then we will try to manage consumer demand in the desired direction - promoting the brand, identifying new customers, gaining important feedback. Imagine how useful information can be gathered and analyzed to improve their strategies to improve your product and increase sales!

Facebook група за обратна връзка с клиенти

How would your Facebook group look?

  • The group name will tempt people to join - "Let's talk about Coca-Cola", "Save the world of children" or "ColaLife" for example.
  • We will invite your most awake and loyal fans to start a discussion group. However, you already know exactly what they are from Your Facebook page? They will definitely feel a sense of pride and will most likely invite new people to join the group.
  • We will upload many pictures and videos and sort them by topic for discussion. If people fill in the questionnaire as you can offer them a fresh gift or discount, send them a free product catalog, scientific paper or other valuable documents.

Facebook group for active discussion

To achieve better results, you can advertise your business group on Facebook with ads!

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