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Facebook ad targeting closely at low cost

Social media on the Internet have become a major field of activity for many of the emerging businesses. Contractors, consultants and firms allocate more time and money for marketing in social media. Investments require a broad view of how to achieve high returns, clear objectives and coherent strategies. With hundreds of millions of Facebook provides an excellent opportunity to reach the right audience and at a good price.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising differs from traditional paid advertising on search in that instead of bidding for certain keywords that people are looking for, you bid on the demographics of consumers. This allows you to target a specific age, gender, preferences, and even a school or place they visit. Competition is far lower than that of paid Internet search.

Sosial ads on Facebook

Advantages of advertising on Facebook

User traffic that we buy from Facebook is highly targeted, with the clear intent and focus, easy tracking and reporting. Advertising on Facebook presents several unique opportunities that we must take advantage:

  • Instantly reach over 250 million active users worldwide. It is believed that the Bulgarians were about 500,000 of them.
  • Adding value to advertising and social engagement of users and their friends.
  • Quickly create ads that include text and images. Precision limit on age, sex, location and more. Choice between paying for click (CPC) or a certain number of impressions (CPM).
  • Reports in real time to allow adequate and effective changes to increase the success of the campaign.

How will you create your Facebook Ad?

We have built their own rules and proven practices on how to create effective advertising in social media Facebook:

  • We start with a minimum daily budget while see how traffic and at what price we can attract.
  • Sitting close your campaign, trying different creative options to increase clicks.
  • Into the role of your target user to discover the attitudes of people who might become customers.
  • We use beautiful images and memorable phrases in your ad to provoke public interest.
  • We combine with your ad Facebook group, business page and even your own Facebook application, to zoom in and reinforced the social connections between people. Do we start?

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