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Optimization newsletter

After each transmission of your e-mail newsletter, we collect, analyze and summarize the feedback from recipients through a special system for tracking and reporting of feedback. Our tools allow you to know how e-mail messages were sent, how many subscribers have opened it and what sections of the newsletter have resulted in visits to your site or landing page.

Management and optimization of Google AdWords

Continuous testing and use of software to analyze user traffic are an important part of our strategy for successful e-mail marketing. Through ongoing inspections of every aspect of your email campaign, we can actually increase overall efficiency. So you will manage your funds with a clear idea of the exact return on your investment.

Finding the formula for success

Optimization of the newsletter includes the following activities:

  • Revision of lists of addresses of subscribers, and eliminate unrealistic.
  • Performance of A / B tests for most convertible design and e-mail template.
  • Edit content, call to action phrases and images.
  • Identification of secondary objectives that lead to greater efficiency.
  • Adding special characters to the links in the newsletter to track clicks.

Since there is no general formula for success, we must otrkiem one that works best for your business model. By helping you build and maintain a purposeful communication policy via email, you will fully interact with clients, will Serve adequate promotions to build brand and name. Once you get an idea of the benefits of e-mail marketing, Contact us, to your head for a really tempting offer!

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