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Design a template for a newsletter

When you draw the concept design of a newsletter, we take into consideration the vision and the colors of your existing website and implement creative verve. For us it is important to maintain corporate identity and awareness, using the same banners, logos and other graphics in your email template. Thus recipients of the newsletter will recognize the identity of the sender and not easily reject the message.

Design a template for a newsletter

Neat layout and content

Internet users often click on links in descriptive attractive and well-structured e-mail messages that offer useful information. Promotional e-mail messages should be attractive, while the maximum short but meaningful. Benefits to consumers must be prominently displayed at the beginning of myasno message alongside call to action phrases. Simple way to view describes the so-called F-shape. We take advantage of this rule and have a high key arguments on the page are visible in the active window without the need for scrolling.

You can provide text content for the newsletter or let us develop the marketing communications by Communication strategy. They must be easy to browse, to provide clear benefits to consumers and to include strong call-to-action phrases.

Accessibility and availability of e-mail newsletter

Most Internet browsers and programs for viewing e-mail disable images in e-mail messages by default. Therefore, we create your newsletter with the presumption that he should look and function properly in all browsers and e-mail. The fact that images can be blocked, should not lead to catastrophic consequences, as long as the integrity of the message to be saved and there is enough text to engage readers. To deal with blocked images, we add Alt tags are text phrases placed in the HTML of your newsletter. They show e-mail message, if an image is blocked.

Any e-mail newsletter will contain a link to its HTML version, upload to your site so that users can deal with it and through a web browser with all images. We will create an online archive of all sent e-mail newsletters, to make sure that consumers will not miss important information, even if you have not reviewed your email.

Before you send an e-mail newsletter, we will conduct detailed research in many email browsers and mobile devices to make sure the content is displayed correctly. By W3C HTML validation program code, we guarantee that your e-mail newsletter meets all standards. Last but not least, we will install various tools to track clicks from the newsletter to optimization results.

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