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Our approach to effective e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is an important place in your communication practices. With his help you will attract new customers, educate them, they would sell a product or service and build lasting business relationships with them. Whether you are a retailer, publisher or agency, you will sell more, promote your brand and will regularly inform its customers about special offers and promotions.

Personal approach to effective e-mail marketing

Personal approach to the rules

To succeed, we guarantee that you will hold your e-mail marketing in a set of laws rules. Our approach includes providing further evidence of the identity of the sender and stresses the need for centralized management of subscriptions. When creating your newsletter, we:

  • turn to personal to each customer, underlining its importance and seek its approval;
  • build attractive design of any e-mail template with convenient navigation and clear content structure;
  • we take care of your e-mail messages are informative, unobtrusive, ordered, purposeful, regular and statistical;
  • identify commercial messages such as those containing commercial solicitation or proposal;
  • put the name and email address of your company as "from " address in the header information of each message sent;
  • introduces a clear title or a call to action in the "on" to attract consumer interest;
  • allow requests for removal are received and processed through a direct response to the sent message;
  • обработваме исканията за отписване в рамките на десет дни и дори по-малко;
  • поддържаме централизирано управлявани бази данни, съдържащи списъците с и-мейл адреси на Вашите клиенти;
  • ensure that messages from the Sales Department are linked to your CRM systems to retain the history of communication with each client;
  • record physical location and mailing address of your company at the end of each e-mail message to secure transparency.

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